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You’ve Received a Settlement.

Now what?

How you save, spend and invest money today will determine your financial well-being for years to come. Our platform provides you with the investment solutions designed to help you make the most of your funds.

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Settlement Investment Services

is the first and only digital investment solution specifically designed for individuals receiving settlement dollars.

Instead of…

Spending your money without clear intentions

Using high cost bank products

Missing out on opportunities to grow your wealth

Take control and make decisions

that can transform this life event into a catalyst for living out your financial dreams.

Which Description Fits Your Situation the Best?

How It Works

All It Takes Is Four Steps

Simple, transparent and client-first. These are the core pillars of our platform and the guiding principles of our process. This all-in-one solution enables you to explore, discover and take advantage of new possibilities.

Step 1:

Complete a personal investment profile.

Our guided questionnaire will gather helpful information about your unique needs, goals, risk tolerance and time frame.

Step 2:

Select your investment model.

Once we’ve received your answers, we’ll provide you with a recommended investment model for you to invest your settlement money.

Step 3:

Open and fund your account.

After you’ve selected your investment model, quickly and easily set up your account directly from our platform.

Step 4:

Watch your money grow.

Keep track of your investments via your client portal, set up a payment distribution plan and more as you work towards achieving your investment objectives.

Ready to Make the Most of Your Settlement Money?

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What We Offer

An Investment Solution

Driven by your unique situation.

In addition to our cost-effective investment services, you will receive access to your own personal online portal where you’ll be able to keep track of your investments and other important confidential financial information.

With complete online access and control, you can invest your money with confidence — all while knowing a dedicated team of advisors is working with your best interests at the forefront.

What You Get

According to the assets you have investED.

*All clients are charged one percent of their assets under management (AUM).

Tier 1

Minimum $50,000

Tier 2

Over $250,000

Tier 3

Over $1,000,000

Personalized investment profile.
Online account opening and funding.
Account transition services.
Professionally-managed investment portfolio.
Online portal with access to account balances, statements and performance reporting.
Educational resources about money management, budgeting and investing.
Access to a dedicated financial advisor.-
Assistance with automatic contribution/withdrawal plans (savings plans).-
Full investment management services: 
  • Customized wealth planning.
  • Annual portfolio reviews.


Get Answers Today

Why Settlement Investment Services

The Leader of Investment Services

For individuals receiving cash settlements.

As collaborating partners of a nationwide network of settlement consultants, we’re experts in managing assets for individuals in these unique circumstances. Committed to redefining the settlement investment landscape, every member of our team is passionate about delivering a product and solution designed to meet your unique needs and goals.

Our Credentials

And what they mean for you.

A client-first process.

A transparent solution.

A 30-year history of delivering investment solutions.

Settlement Investments Services is powered by NorthCoast Asset Management, a full-service investment firm constructing portfolios for the individual investor. Since 1988, NorthCoast has provided investment management services to thousands of individuals, delivering thoughtful solutions structured to properly balance the risk between portfolio growth and peace of mind. NorthCoast seeks to help clients reach their investment goals. Whether providing investment management to a piece of a portfolio or working together on a long-term financial plan, we aim to deliver valuable advice and institutional-caliber portfolio management services.


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What is Settlement Investment Services?

What does Settlement Investment Services offer?

How do I get started?

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum amount to start is $50,000. There is no maximum investment threshold.

How much does the service cost?

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